Correct Replacement Process Of PP Melt Blown Filter Element

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The filter element has a certain service life. If the filter element reaching the edge of waste is not replaced in time, the expected effect will not be achieved. The use method of PP melt blown filter element is the same. Next, Xiaobian would like to share with you the replacement process of PP melt blown filter element. Let us have a simple understanding!

1. After receiving the instruction to replace the melt blown filter element, confirm that the system has stopped running.

2. Prepare appropriate PP melt blown filter element (specification, material, size, sealing gasket, model, etc.) and disassembly tools.

3. Clean the filter element shell, clean the surrounding filter element, and use protective equipment to stay in the operation area.

4. When the system is interrupted, the filter of PP melt blown filter element needs to be replaced. Slowly open the vent at the top of the filter to relieve the pressure. Pay attention to the safety in the production process to prevent material or liquid splashing;

5. Empty the materials in the filter element, open the filter element cover with a tool, take out the fat melt blown filter element, and put the filter element into a plastic bag for cleaning or scrapping.

6. Use cleaning tools and cloth to clean the inside of the filter and install the clean filter element.

7. Open the plastic bag at the open end of the filter and check whether the sealing gasket is intact and in place.

8. Install the materials flowing from inside and outside the filter element.

9. Use appropriate wetting agent (such as water) to wet the filter of the sealing gasket and socket base, put one end of the filter element close to the sealing gasket, vertically and completely insert it into the outlet filter socket base, insert the filter element and filter bag packaging, install the filter cover with tools, and tighten the filter.

10. Close the discharge port of the filter, open the exhaust valve on the top of the shell, and slightly open the inlet valve to allow the material to enter the shell until the liquid overflows from the exhaust valve on the top of the shell. At this time, close the exhaust valve and carefully check the removal position for leakage.

11. Slowly open the filter outlet valve until it is fully opened.

12. Remove the tools to be replaced and cleaning tools. Clear the perimeter.