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Pleat Plus P High Flow Cartridge Filter

Pleat Plus P high flow filter cartridge is retrofit for Pall Ultipleat high flow filter(e.g:HFU640UY045J), it is constructed with 6 inch (152 mm) large diameter which offers super high flow rate, it can greatly save water treatment plant footprint and reduce filter change-out cost. Inside-out flow operation keeps all the contaminants inside the filter thus making replacement process more convenient. Available filter media includes polypropylene and microfiber glass with pore size from 0.5μm to 100μm. Pleat Plus P series provide a more cost-effective solution.

High Flow Filter Cartridge - Pall Ultipleat Retrofit

Pleat Plus P high flow filter cartridge is equivalent to Pall Ultipleat high flow water filter with 6 inch large diameter which provides large filtration area and high flow rate up to 110m³/hr per element, absolute rating from 1micron to 100micron can offer excellent protection for downstream membrane system, available length are 20inch, 40inch, 60inch and 80inch.

Pleat Plus M High Flow Cartridge Filter

Pleat Plus M high flow filter is retrofit for 3M Cuno 740B filter cartridge, the depth filter is manufactured in radial pleating technology which can maximize its surface filtration area, 6.5 inch (165 mm) outer diameter provides much higher flow rate and dirt holding capacity than those conventional pleating filters. By using FDA compliant filter media, Pleat Plus M filter offers high contaminants removal efficiency and broad chemical compatibility, making it suitable for a variety of filtration process. With “twist-to-lock” design, the filter can be installed and changed easily. It can replace 3M high flow filter cartridge 100% while providing a much more economical filtration solution.

Pleat Plus R High Flow Cartridge Filter

Pleat Plus R High Flow Filter is manufactured to replace Pentair Aqualine high flow filter, it fits well in original Aqualine FRP housing. This filter is constructed with polypropylene filter media and inner core, 6.75 inch (171.5 mm) diameter provides high flow rate and reduces filter usage, which can greatly lower capital cost and operating cost. Due to high quality materials, Pleat Plus R high flow filter offers lower pressure drop, less filter change-out and superior particle retention performance, making it an ideal option for protection of downstream membrane system.

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