Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

Delta Filtration brackish water ro membranes are specially developed for brackish water filtration process with TDS range 1000~5000 mg/L, standard size 4inch / 8inch diameter and 40inch length, OEM service is available.

Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis

Delta Pure reverse osmosis low water pressure membrane element is developed for energy saving applications with low operation pressure. It has the characteristics of high flow and excellent rejection performance in salt rejection. It is especially suitable for the preparation of ultra pure water in Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Power industry etc. DFLP8040 has large filtration area of 37m2 with 99.5% stable salt rejection rate.

Sea Water RO

Delta Filtration seawater RO membranes are manufactured under ISO 9001 management system, 100,000 pcs annual production capacity for industrial RO guarantees fast delivery time from Shanghai port.
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