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Welcome to Delta Filtration Material Co., Ltd.

Delta Filtration specializes in manufacturing filters for water treatment industry including Desalination, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and other fields where clean fluids are required, with over 20 years experience in filtration field, Delta Filtration team is dedicated to supply cost competitive filtration products and reliable filtration solutions to its business partners.

As one of the earliest and largest water filter cartridge manufacturers in China......

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We are a leader in industrial process filtration, with extensive market expertise in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial, Microelectronics, and Energy industries.

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Delta Filter Products

Fluoro-Pure DELCAP Series Ultrafiltration module is made with hollow fiber PVDF which has good resistance to chemicals and high mechanical strength, it can be used to replace Hydranautics UF membrane HYDRAcap MAX 40, HYDRAcap MAX 60 and HYDRAcap MAX 80 UF modules with better cost effectiveness.Available membrane areas are 52m2(HYDRAcap MAX 40), 78m2(HYDRAcap MAX 60) and 105m2(HYDRAcap MAX 80).

Fluoro-Pure DelPac Series Ultrafiltration module can be used as replacement for Dow IntegraPac membrane IP-51XP, IPD-51XP, IP-77XP and IPD-77XP series with compatible dimensions, PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane applies outside-in flow mode, it allows for wide range of feed water, making it a robust UF module.

Fluoro-Pure DELFLEX Series Ultrafiltration module is made with hollow fiber Polyethersulfone(PES) membrane which is naturally hydrophilic and suitable for liquid filtration, it can be used to replace Pentair UF membrane or Norit UF Aquaflex Series PES UF membrane modules with better cost effectiveness.

Fluoro-Klean DELWED MBR membranes are direct replacement for 500D 340, 500D 370 and 500D 440 membrane modules, with large filtration area and flow capacity, it can be used for large project to save footprint significantly, MBR cassette is also available upon customized design requirement, high cost effectiveness makes DELWED series a good option for new and replacement projects.

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Food & Beverage requires critical filtration process to make sure good taste and microbial stability, Delta Filtration cartridge filters are made with FDA compliant materials